For every combination of product features, barrels made by Tonnellerie du Sud-Ouest are available in the following sizes: 225, 228, 265, 300, 350, 400, 500, and 600 liters. Stave thicknesses come in 22 (not including Acacia), 27, 38, and 41 mm.

In addition to our product line, Tonnellerie du Sud-Ouest produces barrels to order. Starting with the pallet for aging the merrain, every barrel has a code to track its temperatures and toasting times. This information guarantees repeatability and is precious input at tasting time.

-         Classic:

Barrels made of merrains from fine-grained French oak (other grains on request) from forests in Centre France or Vosges or a mix of the two, matured for 24 months. Their toastings are adjusted to the requirements of the wine they will age: L / L+ / M / M+ / H. Available in Transport, Transport Allégée, Château Ferré, Bordelaise, and Tradition finishes.

-         Albigeoise:

Like Classique, Albigeoise is made of merrains from forests in Centre France or Vosges or a mix of the two, from very tight grain, matured for a minimum of 36 months. Albigeoise is particularly suitable for patient maturing of red wines, through a special toasting process: “Beta” toasting.


-         W:

Designed exclusively for white wines, W’s merrains have the same characteristics as Albigeoise. Its toasting, called “120,” was developed to work the mid palate through slow extraction of the tannins while fully respecting the wine.


-         Vent d’Autan: